Tanya Baxter Prides herself on well selected works that are international as well as investment worthy. The range of both contemporary and modern artists comes at a most exciting time, as both Chinese and Indian art markets are seeing a positive growth in sales and are increasingly being recognized as pieces that are directly associated with being investment-worthy. We also offer a stable of well rounded, mid-career, and more affordable artists.

TBAA bluechipartists

Lynn Chadwick Maquette V 2 Winged FiguresTanya Baxter Contemporary advises on investment art; works valued at $500,000 and up account for over 95 percent of total Post War and Contemporary sales value annually.
Lynn Chadwick
Andy Warhol
Pablo Picasso
Lucian Freud
Roy Lichtenstein
Henri Matisse
Francis Bacon
Frank Auerbach
Bridget Riley
Tom Wesselmann


Marc Quinn Upper East Side Glacier

Tanya Baxter works directly with the most sought-after artists in Europe, including Pip Todd-Warmoth and Sir Peter Blake as well as sourcing and acquiring works by well known auction record artists such as Gerhard Richter, Tracey Emin, Bridget Riley, and Marc Quinn.
David Hockney
Anthony Eyton
Pip Todd-Warmoth
Marc Quinn
Sir Peter Blake
Konstantin Bessmertney
Katarina Monnier
Jean Philippe Duboscq
L.S. Lowry


Art Advisory in Chinese Art

Zeng Chuanxing Red Paper Bride

The recent strength of art sales in China has signalled rise in the amount of buyers spending their money on art rather than other luxury goods. This has resulted in brisk sales at art fairs and an overall rise in interest in the Chinese art market. Tanya Baxter Contemporary has always been at the forefront of Chinese contemporary art since first opening in Hong Kong in 1995. The gallery continues to work directly with the most cutting edge and important Chinese artists today.
Zeng Chuanxing
Ling Jian
Yue Minjun
Ju Ming
Zhao Kailin
Ren Si Hong
Zhuang Hong Yi
Yin Xin
Wang Guangyi


 Tanya baxter art advisory EMERGING artists

Benjamin Warner Dusk Hong Kong Harbour

Tanya Baxter Contemporary champions exciting emerging artists, internationally, working with innovative and pioneering artworks by such artists as Mr. Brainwash, Richard Allen and Benjamin Warner.
Benjamin Warner
Phulani Liebenberg
Mr. Brainwash
Shepard Fairey
Annya Sand
Kehinde Wiley
Richard Allen
Vanessa Berlein
Frans Smit
Michael Olsen